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ViviLondonCom – How to peel hard-boiled eggs in few seconds!

Di ViviLondonCom | Youtube | 1772 Visite

This method allows you to peel hard-boiled eggs in few seconds, just be carefull of where to shoot!

ViviLondonCom – Squirrels of the Observatory Garden in Greenwich Park

Di ViviLondonCom | Youtube | 1641 Visite

We have given some peanuts to the squirrels found in the Observatory Garden in Greenwich Park. It was great to

ViviLondonCom – Richmond Park first encounter with the fawns!

Di ViviLondonCom | Youtube | 1661 Visite

I felt a great emotion when I had the first meeting of these beautiful fawns in Richmond Park.

ViviLondonCom – Richmond Park… how peacefull !!

Di ViviLondonCom | Youtube | 1485 Visite

A short video of Richmond Park in its full splendor in a day of August 2013. How silent it was

ViviLondonCom – Marble Arch tube station in London

Di ViviLondonCom | Youtube | 1424 Visite

A walk in the Marble Arch tube station. Note the cleanliness and beauty of the designs on the tiles.